Sipla Nordic AB - Manufacturer and developer of high-quality silicone rubber products

Sipla Nordic AB was founded in Helsingborg - Sweden in 1993. Since then, we have been pioneers in the development and manufacturing of tubing, profiles, seals, and gaskets in high-quality silicone rubber. We are also experienced in the creation of silicone rubber injection-moulding products based on customer specifications. Our development has allowed us to keep up with the latest advances, for example, state of the art machinery and fully operational clean room (Class 100,000 in production and Class 10,000 in packaging). Our on-site tool shop gives us the capability of designing and creating tools for our new products efficiently. We have a growing clientele in other European countries due to our expansion efforts. Our development has progressed rapidly over the years. As of today, Sipla Nordic has over 25 employees. We convert in excess of 300 tons of silicone rubber per year. Our customers range widely, from small specialised to multi-nationals companies.

Wide Range of Products

Our products range covers a number of different products in silicone rubber, from standard silicone products to advanced special solutions. Choose product category: Tubing, Profiles, Gaskets, Conductive/Ems, Doors & Windows Seals or Silicone rubber Injection Moulded. Contact us and let's discuss how we can help you improve existing products or participate in the creation of the tomorrows' product.
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